Introduction to THE GIFT OF LIGHT by Kiki Corbin

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This book contains stories full of heart and trust from people who have had what is known as a near-death experience, or NDE. I believe that if everyone knew more about what death really is like—and what our purpose in living is—a lot of pain and suffering could be alleviated and fear avoided. That’s what this book is about.

Not one person whose story is told in these pages felt it was bad being on the other side. Not one of them is afraid to die. In fact, everyone found the other side to be the most wonderful, amazingly peaceful, joyous place, and many did not want to return to earth.

We all wish everyone could know what it’s like so they wouldn’t be afraid of dying. Dying is great!

As you read this book, it’s important to know it is not a report on research on the subject. Whatever may be different from others’ experiences that have been reported in other books or websites is just that: a different perception by different people.

Very few of the people I interviewed had ever spoken to anyone in detail about what happened to them. Most of them had never gone online for information, never read books on the subject, never joined a social networking site to learn more. A few went to counseling afterward, and most had pretty big reintegration issues after. Most were still in that stage, including myself, for reasons you’ll see in the next section.

As I was writing each person’s story, I realized I would need to create a time line in order for the reader to comprehend it. The originals are mostly told from outside time and space, full of telepathic messages, unbounded knowing, instantaneous understanding, global visions, universal views, and profound wisdom, often beyond anything that a “normal” brain could conceive.


What It’s Like on the “Other Side”

It is so totally different on the other side, where we’ve come back from. On this side we can feel and sense all of creation, good and bad. On the other side we have no sense organs, no body like here. Everyone is equal. Everyone has his or her place. No one has to eat, sleep, exercise, or feel fear or exhilaration. There is no competition. One simply does his or her best and continues to learn and serve all in a constant Peace. I love it there!

And while I am crystal clear that each of us “remembers” through our own perception and interpretation, at the same time, all NDEs experience definite themes: a Peace beyond human words; brilliant, all-knowing Light; unconditional Love; telecommunication; instant travel at thought-speed; an ability to understand the totality of whatever is focused on; support of loved ones who have passed before; and a myriad of Beings, whom we label many different names and who support us throughout this life.

There is an order to our universe that is so vast it boggles the human mind.


What it Feels Like to Come Back from a Near-Death Experience

Once we are back from a near-death experience, we attempt to remember and tell what happened to us partly through the perception of a very linear brain. It’s an interesting dilemma . . . to have left time and space as we know it here on earth, with all the beliefs, habits and constructs it entails—then to remember the experience with a brain that is programmed for linear time and three-dimensional space. We are also faced with emotional issues connected with the experience to sort through.

Language is a problem, like this example: one person told me, “I was sitting on a rock talking to God; not really a rock, there are no rocks there.” Every story is told like this. Even my own. The words we have to share things that are nothing like life here are insufficient.

I have learned to laugh about how this works. It is rather comedic in its own way, as almost every sentence has to be qualified with “It’s not REALLY that way, but . . . ”, then we go on to describe it the best we can with what we have to work with.


Why We’re Here

I have often wished I could go back to being a “normal” person, but now I’ve finally accepted that will probably never happen. You can’t erase a memory of an experience that has changed your life forever. You can’t go back to being an eighth-grader after you’ve graduated from high school, no matter how hard you try.

My lessons have been many. I have learned, for example, that I live in a body, yet this “I” is this vast Self, Soul, or whatever you want to call it. Peace is my true nature. Love is ALL there is. I have free will to choose to be kind and thoughtful, or to be unkind and even mean.

I have learned that my soul and everyone’s soul are all One, as the left hand and right hand are part of the same body. If there is an infection in the left hand, it affects both the right hand and the rest of the body.

I have learned to have compassion for my human form. The body has so many limitations. The mind has a tendency to be critical, condemning and judgmental. We have a tendency, like many animals, to be competitive and a need to establish a pecking order, which diminishes our power and makes us small creatures instead of the magnificent Beings that we are by nature. Our bodies live in a world of constant wars, large and small, which creates a lack of security.

I have learned why we’re here: to learn to be loving always. The purpose of life became obvious by the time I had finished my first life review. I have accomplished many things in this life, yet I wasn’t asked one question about those accomplishments. All I kept being asked was, “How could you have been more loving?”

Now mind you, I wasn’t shown anything really horrible, because I don’t do horrible things. They were small things . . . times I didn’t say something positive, times I took someone’s side that hurt another, times I ignored the need of another, and times I participated in family arguments.

It is time for all of humanity to wake up to their True Selves. We must question our beliefs and consequent actions in terms of love and compassion. We have the potential to bring great Peace to this planet. It all begins with you and me recognizing the true purpose for our lives.

Knowing this, I have changed how I do things. I always remember that being loving is the rule, the Golden Rule, which all humans must adhere to (or we go backwards and create outer circumstances that will teach us this lesson). I am not saying I’m perfect—far from it. I still get angry about some injustices; I get frustrated and sad just like everyone else. Yet, behind it all, I perceive this steady state of Light and Peace. I am able to tap into a source of strength that I am grateful for. I am constantly aware of the immense support of other beings on the other side.

I know when it is my time to leave this planet I will leave in much Grace, in the Light, and in good company. If you only remember one thing from this book—and this is true for dying as well as living our everyday lives: