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Rarely does an author have the experience, the sensitivity, empathy, and understanding that Kiki Corbin brings to the study of near-death experiences in particular, and to spirituality in general. The Gift of Light is filled with her Light, and of those fortunate people she interviewed. Take her hand—and theirs—and journey beyond this world to the one they visited briefly, for it is our eventual destination as well: it is Home.
—Bill Guggenheim, Author of Hello From Heaven! and the “father” of after-death communication studies.

Kiki Corbin knows, like I do, what it is like to die multiple times and come back forever changed. In sharing her story, she deftly weaves together many stories, while offering sage advice about how to integrate such episodes, about teachers that make a difference, about simple spiritual practices that bring balance and clarity.
—P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., Near-Death Experiencer/Researcher/Author of Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story

Books like this . . . remind us so beautifully we are Spirit, not body. And, if you are doubtful, you may be happily surprised.
—Dr. Jack Kornfield, Co-founder of Spirit Rock and Author of A Path With Heart

Few stories inspire us as much as near-death experiences or teach us as much about how to live—and love. Kiki Corbin, who has had three such experiences and interviewed many others who have had their own transformative encounters with death, has written a book full of hard-won wisdom and life-affirming lessons. Written from the heart, it will surely touch yours, as it did mine.
—Kenneth Ring, P.D, Author of Lessons from the Light 

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