Many people seek counseling to find relief from stress during difficult life transitions. I strive to create a safe place for each individual and/or family, to find peace of mind, touch on more creative solutions, let go of past hurts, and develop compassion for her or himself and one another.

I am honored to share time with you to explore your questions and support you in finding answers during those times where you feel like the waves crashing on the rocks.

I started pastoral counseling in 1978, as a ministerial intern. I was attending seminary at the Ernest Holmes School of Ministry in Los Angeles. I had graduated with a BA in Psychology from UNLV. Virginia Satir was my first inspiration in the field followed by the work of Elizabeth Kubler Ross. I studied hypnosis, psychology of creativity, group dynamics, abnormal psychology, and did my senior internship in Transactional Analysis. During my years in seminary, I was taking Re-evaluation Counseling classes in addition to other pastoral counseling classes in school.

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I began studies of Eastern spiritual practices in 1966 with studying the Maharishi’s book, “The Science of Being and The Art of Living.” I eventually became a certified hatha yoga and meditation teacher and have continued my personal practice to this day.

In 1984 I started volunteering for Hospice of Santa Barbara, both as the non-denominational minister and a home volunteer for patients. I wanted to help families through their losses and I wanted to learn how families cope with loss and illness. As a minister, I didn’t spend much time in people’s homes dealing with day-to-day challenges. I learned a lot in those years. It was my Hospice experience that motivated me to learn about naturopathy. I noticed that all of the patients who didn’t “die on time” were doing what was then, very unusual healing modalities, like homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and nutrition. I wanted to understand holistic healing so I could do more than counseling and praying for a client’s wellness.

During my years as the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Montecito Community Church (Rev. Kiki Brubeck), I had a staff of student interns and two MFCCs. We taught CoCounseling classes through the church and served 250 families. Those counselors are still in practice in Santa Barbara.

I went on to teach advanced CoCounseling classes and had a part-time pastoral counseling practice in Kalispell, MT, that I found most satisfying and successful. I learned EMDR from Francine Shapiro during its inception, sexual abuse counseling from Laura Davis, couples counseling from many great teachers, and

of course, did many hours of my own therapy so I could be more present for my clients and family. I now have been in practice for 33 years.

My near-death experiences have made me very understanding of other’s suffering. With the veil between dimensions very thin, I can help people find peace in their relationships with those who have crossed over and complete their grieving process and return to a joyous, purposeful life.

I believe that each of us is at-One with all of life and this connection fills us with Bliss, no matter what the circumstances. It is our nature and our birthright and each of us has access to the Light within. This is the foundation of my work.

Certified Traditional Naturopath

I also understand recovery since I have recovered from 3 death-defying incidences. I have worked with hundreds of clients to regain their health and extend their lives with a much higher quality of life.