Kiki Corbin has led a remarkable life. Born spiritually gifted, she was aware when growing up of the “other dimensions.” As a child she was drawn by a deep yearning to learn spiritual wisdom, to serve others, and to understand the meaning of life.

Beginning in 1990, she survived and returned from three near-death experiences, where she met Jesus, Buddha, Shiva and other great beings in the Light and was shown the wisdom of the universe. She has interviewed 20 others with similar experiences. She has lectured and conducted workshops, sharing her own story, the stories of others, and the wisdom gained from them, with many leaders in the field, as well as lay people. “Near-death experiences are a vehicle for a few messengers who got a peek on the “other side”. I am passionate about people increasing their daily experience of the Light, otherwise, these experiences are just something flashy. They need to be a message of how to live a greater life.”

Kiki is a mother, grandmother, a 40-year meditator, an ordained minister, and the founder of the Montecito Community Church, an interdenominational fellowship. She has worked as a pastoral counselor for 35 years and as a certified traditional naturopath for 10 years. She has led retreats, workshops, and classes in holistic healing, meditation, near-death experiences, transformational growth, and inner guidance, and has been a hospice volunteer. She lives in Lake Tahoe, where she continues in her mission to support others in having a happier, healthier, more spiritually awakened life.

Kiki has a private pastoral counseling practice-helping people who have had near-death experiences and peak spiritual experiences integrate them into their lives. Skype allows her to “see” clients all around the world.